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Real-time Visibility with predictive machine data.

Utilize machine data to understand, improve, and drive the success of a manufacturing process. Machine data can be used to drive predictive maintenance, which can reduce downtime and improve overall equipment availability.

Leverage agile data acquisition, connectivity, mapping, integration & exports from all types of equipment with machine specifications-BOM.

With the data collected from every machine through QR codes, service history, and subscription management, iDataOps shares support alerts with the teams for quicker decision-making and streamlining the process.

Collect data from connected machines in real-time and securely store it in the cloud. DataBlaze allows pattern identification for unplanned downtime and assists in real-time relationship monitoring between the order and target asset (throughput, yield, etc.).



Implement and track Total Quality Control for manufacturing processes with intuitive quality inspection features. Stop compromising between speed and quality.

Use pre-built connectors to ERP and MES products like SAP, and EPICOR and leverage real-time quality inspection alerts, tracking, and monitoring.

Maximize custom quality inspections and support your workforce anywhere, anytime through seamless mobile app support from Mendix.

From supervisors to planners, our data-driven dashboards ensure your key players receive real-time updates on defects with actionable insights for time-critical decisions.

Order Management


Our knowledge graph Manufacturing DataOps software empowers your business users with reduced manual data collection and analysis efforts by 80%.

Connect ERPs, MES or any other systems surrounding your operations with Industrial domain intelligence.

Build connected visibility of all the orders and monitor key processes like orders from procurement, production, quality, and packaging to shipment at all levels and much more.

Proactively maintain a comprehensive picture of your production operations from machinery, people, processes to efficiency.


Customer success stories

Learn how our customers are finding success with our DataOps solutions

success story

Radiaant Expovision

Radiaant Expovision, a textile manufacturer for global retail brands maximized their operational efficiency through iDataOps, our predictive machine monitoring platform.

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