The New Norm: Data Driven Marketing Evolution

Why intelligent customer-focused data strategies & insights are
essential to empower your organization.

  • Trends and opportunities in the industry
  • Challenges faced by marketing teams in a data centric world.
  • Case study of a leading agency adopting autonomous analytics, to enhance existing and new analytical models to ultimately generate more revenue.
  • Market researchers and brand stragests can now analyze key data points all in real-time using natural language.
  • Why it’s time to truly enable teams to leverage more value from vast amount of data. Welcome to Data-Driven Marketing.


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Reduction in the amount of time required to produce fully executed downstream analytical models, with an added ability to change data views instantaneously


Reduction in the amount of effort required to deploying models in the production environment with the help of DataBlaze’s analytics and altering mechanisms using machine learning (ML) pipelines