Single Click for Smooth and Efficient Living

Keep all your smart appliances synchronized and enhance the quality of your daily living via a user-friendly application.
Remote Access

Remote Access

Have all your smart devices connected to the Internet to communicate or control them from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Save more energy by switching off lights via an application in case you forgot on your way out. Also, in case you have a visitor, you can get notification on your phone and speak to them through a two-way audio.


Energy Efficient

Stay connected to your devices and track your appliances’ energy consumption. The smart plugs come with an energy monitoring feature that generates reports on the levels of energy consumption and keep track of usage. In case of smart thermostats, you can schedule your heating and cooling preferences on the go.


Custom Fit

The application is there to adapt to your needs, be it a couple of devices or plenty. You can keep it as complex and as simple as you wish.


Added Security

The application permits you to view and monitor your home through the feeds it gets from the smart cameras installed at your home. The application will send you notifications that will enable you to take measures to prevent any mishap from happening.

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