months and millions

Consolidate all your data with no code by choosing DataBlaze. Save time and money while getting an unparalleled view of all the data.

What else? Create data flows and manage pipelines seamlessly using Hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategies faster than ever. Integrate your data pipelines with your analytical models/Machine learning pipeline using simplified drag & drop features.

Build your data strategies with pre-determined segmentation, promotion and layouts. Use features as simple as drag and drop to create strategies. Get the answers your business needs in real-time. The craft of Data Integration simplified, for you.

100 reasons to opt for DataBlaze, you only need three

No coding zone No coding

Supporting both structured and unstructured data, DataBlaze segments different data sources and standardizes data automatically to make it easier for consumption and building insights without writing a single line of code.

Saves your dollarsSaves your dollars

DataBlaze facilitates data flows with hybrid cloud strategy, multi-cloud strategy, and on-premise strategies. We provide immediate, advanced value,eliminating the time needed for building an in-house solution.

Automation at rescueAutomation at rescue

Prep your data with ease. No more fidgeting with data. Use our pre-built strategy templates. Simple drag + drop features help your data scientists work effortlessly and eliminate human errors.

Seamless Data Integration
Solution – Consolidate All Of Your Data

Explore, connect and onboard your data
Explore, connect and onboard your data

theme-rawcubes data integration software, empowers you to discover, connect and onboard data from thousands of data sources in just a click. Modify and access various source types to effectively commence the operation.

Architecting data strategies is now a breeze
Architecting data strategies is now a breeze

DataBlaze allows users to select and create a data strategy without writing a single line of code.

Source selection and creating a strategy name are followed by naming the base zone path. Once the data has been assigned a landing zone, cleaning operations can be applied to the data that is ingested.DataBlaze can store data in any format, and load them historically and/or incrementally into any storage formats, such as ORC or Parquet without losing the original schema information

Reduce processing complexity
Reduce processing complexity

With an easy method to create, update and modify data flows, the data team can have swift access and retrieval of data.

Data Profiling
Data profiling

Automated data profiling enhances data integrity and reduces the chances of data duplicity. It helps you to leverage your existing data assets and integrate them into a single source of truth.