Next Gen Total Quality 4.0

Never compromise between speed or quality by tracking all quality metrics.

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qDataOps - Solution is Built on Mendix Low Code Platform

Through our partnership with Mendix, we have simplified Quality Management at every stage of the production lifecycle. qDataOps has been built on Mendix, a low-code platform that integrates into your systems so business users can adopt quality checks with just a few simple clicks.

qDataOps + Mendix brings together key manufacturing quality metrics for industries like textiles, medical devices and food processing with pre-configured inspections and quality metrics. It offers exceptional visibility for decision-makers across the entire production lifecycle from raw to finished goods and ready-to-ship products.

  • Quality Console

    Quality Control Command Center

    Stay on top of all your quality checks across your production shop floor with a comprehensive dashboard for all your production line inspections in real-time.

    • Ensure ISO compliance for your manufacturing, whether it's textiles, chemicals, medical devices, or other products, with our quality console.
    • Through our Mendix partnership, we keep your data flowing to ERP and MES products such as SAP or EPICOR, bringing disparate data together with ease.
    • While you carry out your day-to-day operations, leverage automated data quality checks & alerts monitoring data inconsistencies in real-time.
    • Streamline your product inspection process with accurate, real-time reports that highlight the inspection status, assignee, and pass/fail outcome.
    • Get visibility into defects at each production line level for preventive and proactive decision-making.
  • Inspection Designer

    Inspection Designer

    Through the low-code interfaces built on Mendix, we empower quality inspection specialists to design tailored quality inspections with zero coding requirements.

    • Enable your Quality Admins to create lab, store, and production inspections by designing customized processes.
    • Quality master captures all the vital information of defects and parameters in production and has an entire view of the production quality data tailored specifically for your organization’s requirements.
  • Data Driven Dashboard

    Quality Driven Dashboards

    From supervisors to planners, our data-driven dashboards ensure your key players receive real-time updates on defects with actionable insights for time-critical decisions.

    • Maintain seamless compliance through role-based access for each user.
    • Keep data safe with secure data sharing while protecting your firm through customer compliance declarations.
    • Leverage customizable quality management filters to track defects: Order, GRN, Role, Inspection, and Defect.
    • Utilize your productivity data by monitoring it over the year, month, or week, comparing it to previous years, and using the insights for strategic planning.
    • Gain a centralized view of clients and vendors to easily manage and track relationships. Identify growth opportunities and make data-driven decisions for your business.

Quality Mobile App

Your quality auditors are always on the move. From their offices to your production floor, our mobile app capabilities replace the human error of paper processes while generating accurate reports through our quality console.

  • Support your workforce anywhere, anytime through seamless mobile app support from Mendix.
  • Incorporate the exact features and integrations your team needs to carry out their responsibilities without skipping a beat.
  • Interface seamlessly with IIoT systems to capture 360° of your data.
  • Accurate checklist for the quality team to follow with an option to upload images of defects.
  • Stay connected with the entire team digitally.

Embrace the Next Generation of MTO Quality Control

By bolstering your Quality Control processes with Total Quality 4.0, you can give your team the tools they need to thrive while preventing oversights from affecting your bottom line. Reserve a complimentary demo to get started.

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