Prepare and clean your data faster
Easy interpretation of data
Guided data analysis

Connect to Any Source Seamlessly

DataBlaze has predefined connectors that can connect to hundreds of sources with just a simple click, seamlessly ingesting structured and unstructured data.  No more wasting time writing hundreds of lines of code.

Prep Your Data With Ease

Take advantage of DataBlaze’s pre-built strategy templates for ingesting data with pre-defined source location, ingestion strategy, and default cleaning operation for different sources & tables.

Build Intelligence on Your Data with Knowledge Graph

Use our cutting-edge Knowledge Graph feature to automatically discover the terms and relationships from your incoming data, enhancing the intelligence of your data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models. DataBlaze is flexible enough to store Knowledge Graph into a wide variety of graph databases such as Neo4j and JanusGraph.

Augmented Data Discovery

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive insights from your data in real-time using our Machine Learning (ML) models built on TensorFlow.  DataBlaze’s ML based automated pattern detection identifies patterns and provides these patterns to search and discover hidden insights from your data.

Run Multiple Pipelines Efficiently

Run multiple pipelines on different environments at the same time, whether it’s on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, freeing you from vendor lock issues and helping your data engineers be 20% more efficient.

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