6 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Real-Time Data

September 28, 2020

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Natural Language Processing for Enhanced Data Analytics

September 24, 2020

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How do you know if your data is useful?

August 24, 2020

According to an IBM Cloud report, more data has been produced in the last two years than in the last 5,000 years.

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Five Benefits of Having your Data Lake on Cloud

January 1, 2020

Today, every organization needs to find ways to leverage the vast amount of data at its disposal and generate meaningful insights.

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Automated Metadata Mapping

December 1, 2019

Did you know, on any given day, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated by different sources?

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Why is Data Processing Important?

October 19, 2019

Understanding how to leverage different types of data is a major challenge faced by all companies.

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How Can Businesses Properly Utilize Big Data?

April 10, 2019

Today data is being generated from various digital touchpoints that a customer interacts with.The volume, velocity, and variety of this data is huge and the nature of the data is either structured or unstructured.

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Augmented Data Discovery for Better Data Insights

February 10, 2019

The business landscape today is more dynamic than ever. Trends, processes, and products are constantly evolving. In this context, it’s imperative for companies to make well-informed decisions in real time.

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