Multi Cloud
Data Management

Stuck With A Single Cloud Vendor Or Still Harbouring Your Data On-Premise And Expecting An Enhanced ROI?

By 2022 Around 90% Of The Business Enterprises
Will Be Utilizing Multi-Cloud Architectures!

According to International Data Corporation (IDC)

Multi-Cloud Data Management made Simple, Smart & Scalable!

Make the ‘when’ NOW!

Agile Innovation

Agile Innovation
Faster Innovation & Augmented Intelligence through best-in-breed multi-cloud services empowering data management.

Efficient Cost-Optimization

Efficient Cost-Optimization
Reduce your TCO by 60% with our Cloud-based SaaS Solution. Cut storage costs by 5X with a multi-cloud architecture. Modernize your data warehouse and mitigate licensing costs by 30%.


Optimize Workloads and Reduce Complexity
Choose the best combinations for your workloads. Combine AWS Spot Instances, Azure’s low-priority VMs, and Google Cloud’s Preemptible VMs for your fault-tolerant workloads.


No Vendor Lock-in: Multiply Efficiency with Multi-Cloud and Risk Management Leverage the best-in-breed features from multiple cloud providers and modernize your on-premise data warehouses

The Multi-Cloud Data Management
Solution that Redefines What’s Possible

Rawcubes is a pioneer in providing a multi-cloud data management software for businesses that breathe data—offering a one-stop solution for all your data needs – right from lift & shift of the data, through an easy code-free software DataBlaze. It is a unique data management software for Data Integration,Data Preparation, and Data Discovery that effectively integrates multi-cloud strategies and aids businesses to accelerate innovation.

Agile Innovation


Identify sources and strategize your multi cloud adoption approach through a modern data capital strategy that can expedite the establishment of target run times from disparate sources.


Datablaze allows you to flexibly define your data pipeline and facilitate data management with a simple drag and drop feature.


Deploy data sources to a data lake or warehouse and establish your data in any model with ease.

Transform Your Data with a Leading
Multi-Cloud Data Management Solution

Agile Innovation




Our product plus consulting capabilities can help you achieve modern multi cloud data architecture.

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