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How theme-rawcubes assisted Radiaant Expovision with an end-to-end mes software that captured production, procurement, performance, and quality data & integrated with ERP for a single source of production truth

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This is what a typical MES software reports after working with theme-rawcubes!

80% Reduction in manual data collection & analysis activities
20% Improvement in
schedule adherence
20% Improvement in quality/yield

theme-rawcubes MES Software Capabilities

Single Source of Manufacturing Data
Single Source of Manufacturing Data +

Transforming manufacturing operations with knowledge graph data management
Winning with digitization requires clean, relevant, and connected data. Our Knowledge Graph integrated manufacturing execution system software unifies key order, procurement, and production data into industry 4.0 standards. With theme-rawcubes, you equip your entire business and manufacturing departments with next-generation automation and decision-making power.

Order Management
Order Management+

Completely integrated 360 views of your order from procurement, production, quality, and packaging to shipment
Streamline end-to-end manufacturing processes and data in real-time into a holistic view which is crucial for order management executives. With an unhinged approach, theme-rawcubes MES software and DataBlaze gives you connected visibility of all the orders helping you monitor key processes like order from procurement, production, quality, and packaging to shipment at all levels and much more.

Procurement and Materials Management
Procurement and Materials Management +

Reduce risk and increase procurement agility with real-time vendor management, scoring, and tracking
theme-rawcubes enables organizations with an innovative, data-driven way to see what’s in and what’s not in the warehouses at any point in time. We have a consolidated vendor management and tracking system with clear visibility of the supply chain that leaves no room for guesswork and minimizes errors.

Production & Workforce Management
Production & Workforce Management +

Measure the production plant’s throughput and performance accurately
Equipped MES software for manufacturing companies from theme-rawcubes helps improve production lines and production hours scheduling to meet timelines by providing daily real-time information. In addition, with predictive altering, managers can improve production execution and resource utilization by monitoring production lines and overall equipment efficiency/health.

Total Quality Management
Total Quality Management+

Monitor quality processes and machinery data seamlessly with digital workflows across all plants
Innovative Total Quality Management (TQM) and OEE monitoring, combined with Real-time visibility, helps you monitor your process and react at the right time. Assimilate quality at every stage of the production process to accelerate throughput and create efficiencies.

Shipment Management
Shipment Management+

Integrating MES with their existing warehouse conveyor system to upload the finished and packed material
Integrating various shipping and cargo systems with existing warehouses can be daunting for any business. DataBlaze integrates shipping and tracking no. generated by shipping management module systems in SAP for efficient shipment management.

Why theme-rawcubes MES Software is Critical?

70% manufacturers reported less to no progress on their smart manufacturing roadmap leaving no scope for innovation.



  • Turn-key MES platform with real-time processes involved in transforming raw materials into finished goods.
  • Industry focused solutions for seamless adoption with up and downstream applications.

69% manufacturers reported lack of an organized structure to operate and coordinate efficient manufacturing.



  • Quickly scale new ideas and capabilities across plants by leveraging common platforms and tools.
  • Pre-built accelerators to known industry platforms e.g., MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, etc.

85% manufacturers focus on endless fire-fighting and continuous improvement methods of production issues.



  • Leverage enterprise-wide knowledge graph data platform to meet industry standard operational goals and KPIs.
  • Actionized yield, throughput, and other productivity data through real-time visibility, advanced analytics, and new data-driven insights.

Line workers are not equipped with the right tools or are struggling with human-centric processes to measure quality.



  • Optimize workforce and asset utilization through digitized operations that resolve common issues.
  • Proactively ensure consumer safety and provide global end-to-end traceability.
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