Build Intelligence on
your manufacturing analytics
to achieve maximum operational efficiency

data analytics platform for manufacturing industry

Why is DataBlaze the right choice for
manufacturing in the age of Machine Learning?

The concept and practice of Industry 4.0 goes throughout the product life cycle. From product design to inventory, from marketing to sales, from quality checks to customer service everything gets digital. In such a connected and digitally routed industry, DATA becomes your currency.

theme-rawcubes helps manufacturers re-imagine their supply chain with a data driven mindset. Leveraging DataBlaze manufacturing analytics solution we can help you gain operational efficiency by doing in remote monitoring, material handling, real time data IoT, and predictivities maintenance with machine learning models & autonomous relationship engine.

Move your Data

From the production line IoT devices to logistics to the back office, consolidate all your data across any environments without writing a single line of code.

Migrate your data from any on-premise environment to any cloud environment in half the time of traditional methods, saving you months and millions. Now that's unique!

Prep your Data

Build your data strategies with pre-determined layouts made for manufacturing, logistics and back office. Talk about industrial revolution!

Prep your data with optimum ease with drag and drop features. No human error.

Build intelligence on Data

Our proprietary ML and AI-driven Knowledge Graph will automatically build terms and relationships that enhance your data's intelligence.

We have integrated Natural Language Processing (NLP) for data scientists or business users to create data sets without the dependency on IT.

Real-Time IoT

This is not just IoT; it is Industrial IoT. Everything industrial that is digital!

Leveraging the capabilities of your IoT with DataBlaze can reduce troubleshooting time from days to minutes, which leaves more time to spend on other operational aspects of the business.

Your customers will love it!

saas based manufacturing industries data analytics

Real-Time Remote

DataBlaze integrates all location/production-based data remotely and in real-time to identify hazards and reduce the risk of human injury and equipment failure.

Employee well-being strengthened, leading to better work environment and stronger yields.

Real-Time Remote

Real-Time Maintenance

DataBlaze streamlines calculations for “time on tools” and bad actors, clearly identifying critical equipment and the proper use of your Maintenance Budget.

There are no watershed moments that put your production on hold. Make your business a well-oiled machine!

manufacturing industry data tools at minimal cost

Real-Time Savings

DataBlaze can extend the life of legacy protocol systems by opening them up to communicate with new systems and technology.

So you can keep what is still working and what needs to be changed to stay in front of the newest industrial revolution.

The best of both worlds.

save money on data insights analytis

get accurate industry data in seconds

Enabling efficient inventory management while minimizing any unexpecting breakdown. Simply use our pre-build analytical model and gain insights on the go.

Get alert for timely intervention

customize time saver industries data management tools

Enhance the value of your entire supply chain by simply integrating and understanding data that comes from
invoices and order information.

Reduce costs exponentially increase profits

accurate industry data management tools

Determine real-time patterns track data on a granular level, and anticipate customer demands with ML-enabled
predictive analysis.

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