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Optimize costly downtime with predictive machine maintenance, advanced OEE, and real-time data integration capabilities.

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Predictive Machine

Predictive Machine Maintenance and Advanced OEE

Embrace the future of manufacturing by harnessing data from your machines and systems with an easy-to-use software as a service platform. With iDataOps, you gain the ability to make decisions by leveraging turn-key predictive machine analytics solutions without the need for cumbersome data integrations.

Predictive Machine

iDataOps Features

Acquire the necessary insights to surpass your objectives related to your machines' dependability, safety, and environmental impact.

Stop Allowing Murky Data

On-board And Connect Machine Data

Leverage data acquisition, connectivity, integration, and export capabilities from all equipment with iDataOps. It seamlessly aligns data to machine specifications-BOM to monitor the performance of the machinery, identify problems or abnormalities, and make predictive decisions.

  • Connect production equipment across the shop floor for real-time visibility of key machine metrics.
  • Support data transfer using any known protocols (i.e., PLC, ethernet, serial, MQTT, Zigbee, Modbus).
  • Onboard products, specifications, and their parts into a product catalog.
  • Align machine catalog, service providers, and machine data with our asset maintenance management , predictive maintenance, and predictive OEE.
Stop Allowing Murky Data
Unearth Actionable Management

Preventive Maintenance Management

Proactively create maintenance schedules based on machine specifications to prevent future breakdowns or emergency maintenance issues. With this heightened equipment uptime, you can reduce overall maintenance costs, optimize spare part inventory and minimize downtime.

  • Alert production support & technician staff with scheduled physical check-ups.
  • Easily identify local service technicians and share service history for more streamlined troubleshooting.
  • Digitally maintain service history records aligning with QR code to verify when the service was started, completed, and signed off for complete governance.
Unearth Actionable Data
Make Sense Out of Disparate Data Source

Machine Performance Analytics

Utilize a fully-integrated OEE control center to unveil each machine’s availability, performance, and quality metrics. Now, your team can discover the factors that matter most, from power levels to climate conditions, environmental impact with emission level monitoring and much more.

  • Integrated OEE dashboard & control center.
  • Machine and Condition Monitoring, and Power Usage Effectiveness.
  • Performance and yield throughput monitoring.
  • ESG monitoring with real time emission monitoring.
Make Sense Out of Disparate Data Source
Drive More Effective Maintenance Management

Predictive Machine Performance

View real-time pattern recognition, asset monitoring, and machine recommendation models with iDataOps that offer advanced insight into the operability of connected machines. Access unparalleled insights to monitor your machine performance at every stage of your production process.

  • Predictive Remaining useful life (RUL) & Mean time to failure (MTTF).
  • Relationships monitoring between the order and target asset (throughput, yield, etc.).
  • Production process optimization based on asset availability.
  • Production quality monitoring at each asset level.
  • Dedicated Data Scientist To Uncover Custom Opportunities.
Drive More Effective Maintenance Management

Eliminate Uncertainty, Maximize Performance

Ready to unearth new trends, bridge the gap between modern and legacy machines, eliminate downtime, and automate your maintenance workflows? Experience the difference of Rawcubes iDataOps firsthand by reserving a complimentary demo today.

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