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Bring intelligent innovation and eliminate technical debt at scale with theme-rawcubes Google Cloud Foundation. As Google announced a series of cloud pricing changes starting in October 2022, organization need to take action now to gain unlimited flexibility in storage, compute, and network products making Google as one of the ideal destinations and theme-rawcubes the ideal catalyst.

Combining our many years of expertise with Google technology, our offerings broaden your program to migration, modernize, and secure on cloud with fraction the effort and resources. Leveraging our full-service automation workbench to extract business logic and migrate data and applications with ease.

DataBlaze Enabled Accelerators


Schema Propagation Migration

Schema Propagation & Migration
Swift management of incremental, reversible changes and version control of schemas to build an as-is copy of the source (active) to GCP PaaS offering

Migration of Stored procedures

Migration of Stored procedures
Rapidly convert stored procedures which constitute data types, optimization functions, indexes, connection to GCP native extensions

Data Migration

Data Migration
Cleanse, standardize & prep data to migrate to GCP native services with drag and drop functions

Data Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation
Built-in functions to validate and reconcile data pre & post- migration from legacy applications or warehouses to GCP native applications

Initiatives & Professional Services


Data modernization
Modernize legacy data warehouse to BigQuery, a cost effective solution to manage large variety and volume of data.


Next-Gen App Modernization
Transform the interactions with both users and data sources leveraging Google cloud native services like Apigee, Istio and Kubernetes Engine with our deep cloud expertise.


Customer data management
Harmonize all types of data coming from Google Marketing platforms and other sources to create detailed and insightful use cases centering your customer.


Adoption and migration
Platform migration from on premise to cloud with ease. Our Google services, infrastructure, network, & security talent helps you migrate and re-engineering assets to the cloud.

theme-rawcubes Google Capabilities

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