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Financial Service

Be Data Driven with Rawcubes

Data as an asset is more valuable than ever, yet it is often siloed, hard to access, and even harder to utilize. Rawcubes aims to help financial services firms be data-driven and agile with fast-revolving expectations from clients, regulators, and employees.

Rawcubes knowledge graph solutions for financial services firms enable your business to derive actionable insights and contextualize the data from any source of raw information like relational, unstructured, or binary data.

Rawcubes Accelerates Data-Driven Financial Services Organizations With Knowledge Graph

Reimagine customer data management platforms that drive true data-driven insights & hyper-personalized experience. By incorporating a coordinated and personalized vision with a deep contextualized understanding of the customer, you can predict customer trends and tailor their journey by leveraging an intelligent 360 view of the customer. Create an edge with your customers by unifying profiles using a knowledge graph so you can identify patterns and relationships.

Payment regulations are constantly changing. For most firms, it’s a headache to update all the systems across their payment processing software and applications. With DataBlaze and our FIS partnership, we are bringing the power of ontology and knowledge graph-based data processing to automatically update all systems to meet the regulatory needs of customers. This will address the immediate and ongoing needs of customers, enabling the organization to be more nimble and increase speed to market with the changes.

Harness intelligent search to transform wealth management fee models with faster and more accurate insights on market opportunities. We provide the ability to analyze hundreds and thousands of qualitative and quantitative data sources for market research. Adopt the ability to analyze market sentiments, PDF documents, writing, etc., to enhance existing and new analytical models. Harmonize the power of diverse unstructured data and enable market researchers to build insights quickly.

Eliminate document-based policies with a knowledge graph risk & control framework. Traditional relational database systems for fraud detection require a lot of complex series of joins that are often complex to build. Trying to scale these large queries to return real-time data is impossible in most cases as the number of connections and patterns grows. Knowledge Graph empowered by machine learning and reasoning capabilities allows companies to better identify fraudulent patterns by traversing many hops on very large amounts of interconnected data in real-time.

Using DataBlaze, a Financial Services institution can see all the customers’ information, risk dimensions,and regulations that are relevant to their specific goal, linked together based on their meaning, in one place for deep analysis.

Leverage Our Expertise In Banking And Payments

Our partnership with FIS and our solutions uniquely positions us as your trusted modernization partner to implement modern data-driven applications across your organization.

Payment Methods
Real-Time Payment, ACH Payment, Push-to-Debit Payment and Wire transfer

Payment Gateway
Integration to payments on the web and mobile

PMP for FS
Wealth management and mutual funds, insurance providers and aggregators, lending and loans

Omnichannel Experts
Payment service across multiple channels for consistent brand experience

Merchant Services
Merchant accounts, payment service providers and payment gateways integration

Process know their customer, ensure compliance and ease the banking experience for customers

Card Processing
Streamline and optimize the card management with a flexible end-to-end platform

Workflow Integration and Orchestration
Expertise in offering workflow driven payment solutions covering various interaction points.

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