Build intelligence

Empower your team with a unique end-to-end data management platform. Gain access to customizable data strategy templates, Build Intelligence on your data and blend data into datasets for analytics.

Our exclusive Knowledge Graph-driven Machine learning platform automatically builds terms and relationships that enhance the intelligence of your data. This reduces the time it takes for your data subject matter experts to give you decision driving information.

There is more! When you choose DataBlaze, you use Natural Language Processing and drag and drop features to empower anyone– from data scientists to business users to discover and build data sets for analytics. Your data management processes can be truly efficient with DataBlaze.

Build Intelligence Faster With DataBlaze

Seamless Data Integration Seamless Data Integration

Consolidate, standardize, and strategize all your data from disparate sources with easy to use drag and drop features

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Data IntelligenceData

Knowledge graph enables your business to derive actionable insights from all the data.

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Data DiscoveryData

Get a comprehensive view and empower business users to discover and create data sets for analytics and reporting.

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Overwhelmed with lots of confusing data? Here is your guide to data management

Businesses need solutions that support structured and unstructured data, curate vast volumes of data, and allow users to gather accurate insights faster and efficiently. In the era of overwhelming data, stand ahead of the crowd- make data your driving fuel.

Empower Your Organization
with DataBlaze- An Agile Business Insights Software

get accurate industry data in seconds

We save your time
By drastically reducing the time spent on preparation of data before analysis.

customize time saver industries data management tools

We bring efficiency
We make data management processes more efficient with customizable strategy templates and analytical models.

accurate industry data management tools

We prevent repetition
By eliminating the majority of time spent in data preparation and automating the processes