Act on Real-time Insights or be stuck in a dated architecture

Organizations need a clear way to go from dealing with a rigid architecture to an agile and insightful data platform. That requires adopting autonomous and progressive data modernization solutions that are able to turn chaotic volumes of data into a catalyst for meaningful insights and new opportunities.

Not only that but the growing need to reimagine business models with advanced analytics is further amplifying the poor performance and weaknesses of traditional data warehouses & data lakes. This is leading to many organizations fleeting to find ways to modernize.

Data Modernization Solutions –
A Transformation That will Help You Achieve
Reduced Migration

Reduced migration effort up to 60%

decreased deployment

Decreased deployment time of analytical to target platform by 40%

reduced TCO

Reduced TCO including both AWS Redshift and DataBlaze licensing cost up to 45%

increased flexibility

Increased flexibility and scalability of deploying analytical models by 45%

increased productivity

Increased productivity of data engineers, data scientists, and business users by 5X

faster time to market

Faster time to market: Data scientists receive data sets 80% quicker

Our accelerators are real-life savers

Reduced Migration
Platform Migrator

Platform Migrator
Code-free schema and data Platform Migrator

Extract Data

Extract Data
Data models extractor and mapping to target platform leveraging AI/ML

decreased deployment

DataOps Workbench
Operationalize analytical models from the new cloud platform to the existing reporting system in minutes using ML DataOps Pipelines

Autonomous Data  Catalogue

Autonomous Data Catalogue
Build autonomous knowledge hub or data catalog with Knowledge Graph

theme-rawcubes Offerings That Can Empower Your Organization

How would your organization compete with the agility, optimized costs, and data strength that some of your peers have already indulged in? We have a comprehensive data modernization solution so you can obtain an adaptive and simplified, real-time insights platform.

Migrating a Data Lake or Data Warehouse to a Single, Multi, or Hybrid Cloud
+ Migrating a Data Lake or Data Warehouse to a Single, Multi, or Hybrid Cloud

Cloud migration is becoming more and more of a standard today than an exception. theme-rawcubes helps you migrate data with confidence.

Data Governance & Cataloging
Data Governance & Cataloging +

Data Catalog facilitates organizations by creating a centralized data inventory which enables smooth functioning of all operations within the organization.

Modernize Data Analytics
Modernize Data Analytics Operations +

The laborious and time-consuming architecture of legacy systems has created a perfect Tsunami of challenges that are driving organizations towards data modernization.

Does Your Data Landscape Restrict
How Much You Can Do with Your Data?

theme-rawcubes with its proprietary software and “solution-as-a-service’’ model can accelerate the adoption of modern data capital without huge dependency on manpower. With an easy drag and drop features & pre-built pipelines that connect to multiple native clouds, we reduce adoption effort and eliminate challenges with quality at every stage of the data lifecycle.