DataBlaze DataBlaze: Data Management software

AI-powered Intelligence Software for Data Discovery and Integration, So you can solve bigger problems.

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Contextualize data management across multiple sources for truly agile decision-making.

Fueled by our AI-powered data mesh feature, DataBlaze knowledge graph software eliminates the need to build complex SQL & joints, While it intelligently identifies hidden relationships from data for unparallel accuracy.


With our data management solution, you're not just adding another product to your organization

If you're adopting Data management solutions with knowledge graph analytics, our microservices-based architecture embraces a code-free approach, enabling you to quickly build scalable analytical solutions from unlimited data sources.


End-to-End Data Performance

Unlike traditional data management solutions, DataBlaze goes to work on top of your existing architecture and tech stack. Here are the central pillars powering DataBlaze:

Data Integration

Manual data aggregation from siloed sources belongs in the 20th century. Fast forward to a no-code data integration strategy.

DataBlaze automatically brings your data under one roof to save capital and free up your schedule.

Data Integration
Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

From the customer journey to your day-to-day operations, our data intelligence with knowledge graph enables decision-makers to have access to connect or cross-organizational data without the need for complex code.

As a result, data relationships can be frictionlessly transformed into meaningful insights.

Data Discovery

Take the guesswork out of your data preparation efforts. Our data discovery solution uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to unveil the right insights from the right sources at the right time.

Start enacting strategic business plans without depending on subject matter experts.

Data Discovery

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