Enrich Your Existing Data Governance platform with DataBlaze

DataBlaze crawls and extracts datasets usage, timestamp, activity, failures, logs, lineage, and more from any application source code at a module and dependency level for enhanced metadata integration & insights with Knowledge Graph.


Enhance existing

Enhance existing functionality of governance products with 60% more granular data.

Add rules metadata

Add rules, metadata information, tagging, access level control, etc. to augment metadata for 95% more accurate data governance.

Provide deployable

Provide deployable terms and relationships using Knowledge Graph.
Reduce duplication

Reduce duplication of work to zero by automated application monitoring.

Enrich existing

Enrich existing metadata in products like Collibra with granular dataset information.
Increase productivity

Increase productivity with data insights and augmented data discovery using natural language.

Data Governance Capabilities

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration +

Connect source code repositories like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, to extract all the modules and dependencies from any type of application.

Data Intelligence
Data Intelligence with knowledge Graph+

With knowledge graph, showcase all the terms and relationships from the application datasets coming from the source code like GitHub into an enterprise-wide knowledge hub.

Data Lineage
Data Lineage +

Monitor data flow, data pipeline, and log files by extracting the information that the pipeline processed, how much data has been processed, if there were any failures, and much more.

Data Insights or Discovery
Data Insights or Discovery +

Knowledge Graph driven data discovery extended to provide insights on search queries for governance and lineage use cases.