Work smart not hard

Our Augmented data discovery solutions builds on traditional extracting, combining, and transforming data capabilities to provide relevant data right when it is needed.

Machine learning enabled technology simplifies the otherwise time taking data profiling processes, cleaning, modelling, and enriching, making it easier for citizen data scientists to generate actionable insights in real-time. Your in-house data scientists get to understand trends, patterns, and relationships between data with unprecedented ease while giving the insights required to create strategic, operational, and tactical business plans.

Why is DataBlaze a smart data discovery solution?

Conversational Interactions Conversational Interactions

Ask questions and get recommendations using NLP(Natural Language Processing). In-depth, smarter insights

Automated InsightsAutomated Insights

Misleading or incomplete data can draw you away from the real drivers of your business. Machine learning driven built-in algorithms and predictive models automatically find insights for you. When you have the right questions, you will find the right answers.

Comprehensive viewComprehensive

Obtain structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. Broaden your view to have all the information you need on one platform. So, business decisions become much more effective for all entities.

Consolidate All Your Data with Seamless Data Integration

Data insights with augmented data discovery

Data insights with augmented data discovery

DataBlaze is a data integration software that enables you to query, integrate, manage and secure data from disparate sources. DataBlaze helps you gain visibility into your enterprise data with its robust NLP capabilities and SQL.

Selecting the knowledge graph sections
Selecting the knowledge graph sections

With a progressive Knowledge graph, the user can select NLP Query’ or ‘SQL Query. Drag and drop terms/technical metadata from the catalog section to form a query, the saved query saves the user’s time and can be of assistance in the future.

Publish the data set
Publish the data set

After curating the data set, it can be published making it available for the team. Once a data set is published it cannot be edited.