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Uncover knowledge-backed customer insights with AI-Driven analytics & recommendations.

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Customer Insight

Customer Insights Across All Channels

It’s projected that 75% of the data from surveys, market sentiments, customer satisfaction, and other critical sources are never analyzed by marketing analytics leaders.

“Our vision is to ensure data platforms aren’t impediments but the driver to success”

– Rawcubes, Co-Founder, Deepak Sondhi

Why Collecting, Unifing, And Delivering Insights Isn’t So Easy

Diverse and masked buying signals from thousands of sources.

Separating noise and bias from the overwhelming data manually becomes a hassle.

Growing amount of Qualitative & Quantitative data.

Data silos across the organziation creates impedimaents for collaboration.

Collection of data at scale and ingesting it into an intelligent customer-centric data platform.

Building a modernized platform that can utilize services across all multiple cloud providers is expensive.

Customer Insights Solution

Ingest, Standardize and Deploy Customer Analytics a Few Clicks

DataBlaze uses advanced data strategies to intelligently harmonize any source of information related to your customer and delivers actionable insights.

Whether you are analyzing social media, CRM, website, survey, Google, advertising, external sources, etc. Not only that, you can integrate other sources like critical business applications and ERP. All this provides context which can be tied back to business.

Standardize and Deploy
Standardize and Deploy
Discover Customer

Discover Customer Insights Like Never Seen Before

Think of Knowledge Explorer like a google search wizard that knows everything and anything about your customer, the market, and competitors.

It is a user interface that visually shows all qualitative and quantitative data e.g., customer service, surveys, social media sentiments, and any other critical sources so users can ask questions like:

  • Find me evidence on which segment of the customer had the maximum impact on the net promoter score.
  • What are all the negative scenarios today that impacted the buyer behavior for product X?
  • Score the highest segment that was targeted in campaigning that has negative brand sentiment.
Discover Customer

Real-time Customer Analytics & Reporting

Customer analytics with intention. The difference between basic insights and extreme customer insights is having access to data from every source, all at once.

Rawcubes’ unique Knowledge Graph-backed analytics helps marketing teams stay ahead of customer intent by identifying critical patterns and relationships from any source of information.

Do you rely on pre-built reports? With Knowledge Explorer and dynamic analytics (linear regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis, T-testing, etc.), teams future extend their capabilities to analyze important metrics all in real-time. Types of analytics that are supported by DataBlaze.

Real Time Customer Analytics
Real Time Customer Analytics

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