How iDataOps is Shaping Industry 4.0?

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Industrial equipment data is valuable. Seeking data from today's varied assets in industrial settings is a monumental task that requires streamlining data integration for a reliable data flow. Market Intelligence firm IDC projects there will be 79.4ZB of data generated by 2025 from connected IoT devices alone! With the advent of Industry 4.0, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to have more control over their equipment data, its storage, and processing. A major solution in this regard is the use of Industrial DataOps.

Think of iDataOps as a new organizational function, a machine monitoring platform developed in response to the challenges of optimizing and controlling machine data flows and making sense of all the equipment data generated. If you're wondering how our machine monitoring platform can help your manufacturing requirements, this article is for you.

What is Rawcubes iDataOps?

iDataOps is a machine monitoring platform that manages equipment data at every level of the data lifecycle, along with monitoring and managing the functioning of all the devices connected to the platform in a fully automated fashion.

iDataOps combines development and machine monitoring operations and hits the sweet spot by linking agile machine monitoring methodologies. This approach signifies that communication, collaboration, and cooperation are critical in equipment monitoring operations. Think of iDataOps as deriving accurate data from all the equipment on your shop floor and providing actionable insights.

Role of iDataOps in Industry 4.0

iDataOps focuses on combining machine data to automate the supply chain and deliver accurate information to decision-makers on demand. Here are 3 reasons why it can be a novel approach:

Connecting machine data with production equipment

iDataOps can enhance the availability of data by standardizing, normalizing, and contextualizing the data generated by production equipment. This helps in monitoring machine performance, identifying any anomalies, and making predictive decisions. Our iDataOps solution works with the help of the data integration software DataBlaze, which helps in exploring, connecting, and onboarding data from various data sources.

Real-time machine monitoring

iDataOps uses a fully integrated overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) control center to help with machine performance analytics and aligns machine catalog, service providers, and machine data with our asset maintenance and predictive maintenance capabilities. OEE also helps in improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment by reducing waste, identifying losses, and maintaining benchmarking progress. Measuring OEE and the underlying losses, such as reduced yield/speed, equipment failure, and setup and adjustments, to gain insights into improving the asset monitoring process.

Preventive maintenance management

iDataOps provides real-time data analytics and insights on the performance of machines and equipment. It analyzes data from the QR code on the equipments and yields data to identify patterns that indicate changes in equipment, which helps find the predictive remaining useful life (RUL) and mean time to failure (MTTF). iDataOps can also assist with optimizing production processes by identifying bottlenecks and suggesting improvements. This breaks down silos and optimizes the availability and usability of industrial data.

Rounding Up

Knowing how to play with data can be one of the biggest assets for manufacturers in the modern era. As they transition into smarter business entities, following a data-driven roadmap can help manufacturers achieve sustainable results and improved profitability in shorter time frames. For this, manufacturers need a powerful machine monitoring platform like Rawcubes to help understand machine data better and drive new and innovative digital magic with the data through intelligent predictive analytics. Get in touch with us to learn more.