Augmented data discovery for better data insights

Feb 10, 2019

The business landscape today is more dynamic than ever. Trends, processes, and products are constantly evolving. In this context, it’s imperative for companies to make well-informed decisions in real time. It’s the only way they can retain an edge in a hyper-competitive, rapidly changing landscape. Thankfully today, when it comes to data that can be leveraged to make effective decisions, organizations are spoilt for choice.

Then what’s the problem? A lot of this data is generated by fragmented sources, such as e-mail, IoT feeds, customer service interactions, and social media channels. This means that it often takes too long to put together an understandable report, especially when quick decision-making is the need of the hour. This is where next-generation data tools and augmented data discovery come in.

Role of Augmented Data Discovery in Data Processing

Most data tools have basic capabilities around extracting, combining, and transforming data. Augmented data discovery builds on these basic capabilities to provide relevant data right when it is needed.

The process employs cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) to simplify data profiling, cleaning, modeling, and enriching, making it easier for citizen data scientists to generate actionable insights in real time. This allows them to understand trends, patterns, and relationships between data with unprecedented ease, while giving the insights required to create strategic, operational, and tactical business plans.

  Apart from enabling quicker decision-making, augmented data discovery offers myriad benefits such as:   
  • Real-time data visualization Augmented data discovery has made accurate visualization of real-time conditions a possibility. Earlier, the only options available were very expensive non-interactive dashboards that didn’t add much value. With augmented data discovery, next-gen tools are able to visualize and aid real-time decisions based on live data.
  • Democratization of data Data profiling and data preparation have purely been the domain of data scientists or IT experts. Today, however, every business executive can glean actionable insights from data, even if they don’t know the technicalities around how one data element relates to another.
  • Cleaning up data Many businesses do not have the right management architecture, governance plan, or a clear strategy for their data. This means they use Cloud Object Storage and Spark-based engines to store and process large amounts of data, which are often contaminated with irrelevant facts. With augmented data discovery, however, companies can now make sense of this muddled information and draw powerful insights.

DataBlaze for better Data Insights

DataBlaze uses augmented data discovery to help companies generate quick, actionable insights from fragmented data. It works on any Cloud service provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba) and reduces implementation efforts by as much as 60 percent. The platform is perfect both for companies that already have a data lake (on-premise or Cloud) and for those that don’t.

So, don’t you think it’s time your business reaped the benefits of real-time insights and faster, better decision-making? If the answer’s yes, get in touch with us for a DataBlaze demo today!

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