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Order 360 helps you in achieving operational efficiency through real time streaming of data on your smartphone or other smart devices. It enables viewing of management dashboards and analytical visualizations with a single click.

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Capacity Planning

Order 360 provides a complete and concise status of your inventory of essential and buffer stocks. Businesses can quickly find out when their essential stocks start getting depleted and buffer start getting consumed.

Internet of Things (IoT) sensor device is fitted to the manufacturing machines for transmitting data to a dashboard and view the current or available capacity of stocks. The sensors along with advanced analytics backed by artificial intelligence enable predictive maintenance flows. This helps in minimizing unexpected machine downtime, saving money by making timely adjustments.

Order Management

Order 360 enables transparency and interoperability. In absence of Industry 4.0, the bill of materials relating to any production program may not be precise, vague and not easily accessed by everyone.

By using RFID chips and IoT device coupled with advanced ERP solutions, visibility and interoperability can be prioritized. This implies that each product or part which has to be manufactured will have a bill of materials which can be leveraged in an open digital environment at all touchpoints in the value chain. This will assist manufacturers in gaining perspective and exercise control on their production plans and plan for each part.

Value Chain Management

The access to online resources has brought in transparency, ease of access and various options as to where and what to purchase. This has led to a very competitive supply chain scenario. To cope with these changes, supply chains have to be fast, granular and very precise.

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Order 360 offers predictive analytics of internal factors like demand, external factors like market trends, weather, among others, along with machine generated data relating to demand for spare parts. This helps in a very precise forecast of customer demand which can be generated on a weekly or even daily basis. This leads to reduction in delivery time by a couple of hours.

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Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized products and services which is resulting in micro-segmentation and wide range customization implementation of ideas. The customers are being managed in granular segments where suitable products are being offered to them.

Customize your Loyalty Programs

More accurate

Order 360 enables real time and complete transparency in supply chain. This results in obtaining a joint information of every level of seniority and function within the supply chain. By integrating data at all levels in the supply chain, every stakeholder is able to take decisions on the same facts.

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