Help Your Team Make The Right Decisions with Accurate Business Insights



Automatically segment and identify relationships between customers, surveys, qualitative & quantitively research data and much more.

Drive operational efficiencies throughout the entire manufacturing journey by analyzing outputs and acting on insights in real time.

The Business Insights software assists organizations to accelerate and implement accurate analytical models in fraction of time and gain business insights, without the dependency on business SME’s

Commercial Insurance – Risk & Fraud Analytics

Support underwriting & claims operations with consolidated & enhanced knowledge graph driven analytical models

How DataBlaze a Business Insights Software Drives Data Performance

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Modern- data capital

Faster Innovation & Augmented Intelligence through best-in-breed multi-cloud services empowering data management. DataBlaze, can deploy data using multi cloud pipeline which enables analytical teams to leverage analytics services from various cloud providers to build optimized analytical platform and gain swift data insights all through a code friendly business insights software.

reduce time
Knowldege graph Data Management

Datablaze builds data intelligence and provides seamless data integration through knowledge graphs with a comprehensive multi-cloud data processing platform to drive agility and efficiency.
Our elite knowledge graph-driven data management reduces the time your data SMEs – operations, marketing, analysts & scientists take, to make informed and retroactive business decisions. Use our business insights software’s NLP, AI, ML, and simple drag & drop features to empower everyone – right from data analysts to business operators, to discover and build datasets for advanced analytics. Optimize your data management life cycle with DataBlaze software.

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Data Modernization and Analytics

Convert ML models & associated code to leverage cloud data warehouses with advanced libraries and operationalized existing analytical models using DataBlaze ML pipelines. Decrease deployment time of analytical models by 40% while Increasing the flexibility and scalability of deploying analytical models by 45%.

How Rawcubes Accelerates Data Performance

Faster, Easier, Automated Discovery Of Insights

Rawcubes helps businesses utilize their data by leveraging our data platforms, pre-built domain knowledge graph, and analytical models to enable better business insights.

Make crucial decision with all the information at hand

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