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At Rawcubes, we put highly scalable and self-service analytics at your fingertips. Easily map out your data and eliminate data silos today.

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Why Rawcubes?

Our data management software and industry solutions propel organizations to the forefront of their industries, transforming raw data into actionable insights

Our Products

Faster Analytics Starts with DataBlaz

Faster Analytics Starts with DataBlaze

No more complex SQL & joints. As a microservices-based architecture, DataBlaze’ intelligent AI/ML data pipelines enable true business decision-making.

Our proprietary AI/graph algorithms and multi-cloud features elevate your data to the next level.

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Thriving Manufacturers Leverage Rawcubes Industry 4.0 Software

Combine the power of your Manufacturing Systems with our proprietary DataOps Software to accelerate advanced analytics and make accurate business decisions.

Are you ready to meet and exceed Industry 4.0 standards?

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Top Financial Services Firms Stay Ahead with Rawcubes

In fast-moving financial markets, our knowledge graph pulls together data with petabyte scale.

As a trusted partner of the FinTech leader FIS, we utilize the latest data modernization strategies on behalf of your firm, enabling you to deliver fully personalized client experiences while maintaining absolute regulatory compliance.

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