Every step of your data’s journey

Get to the insights you need to drive your business by solving data management challenges at every step of your data’s journey.

  • Operation Managers

    Increase operational efficiency by seamlessly connecting DataBlaze to ERP systems, IoT devices, CRM’s, and much more to optimize operational excellence.

  • Marketing Teams

    Build stronger loyalty between you and your customers through our Customer 360 Solution by leveraging advanced analytical models built just for you.

  • IT Leaders

    Increase the efficiency of each data engineer by 10X and migrate to cloud faster than ever before without any human error.


Rawcubes' software DataBlaze and CloudBlaze are engineered to drive business results in the fastest, most accurate way possible.

  • DataBlaze

    All of your data, clean, accurate,
    and in real-time.

    DataBlaze is a next generation data management software with built-in domain intelligence to prepare your data for analytics.

  • CloudBlaze

    Migrate your data assets to Azure Cloud 10X faster than traditional methods

    CloudBlaze is a configuration driven platform to migrate and manage data assets to and on Azure Cloud.

Pre-Built Analytical Models

Rawcubes provides pre-built analytical models to help you get the answers you need faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • Customer 360

    Through dynamic segmentation, build stronger relationships with your customers and uncover hidden insights through predictive analytical models

  • Operational Efficiency

    Leverage predictive analytics such as predicting maintenance on equipment, value chain management, and much more.

  • Fraud Analytics

    Prevent worker’s compensation fraud before it happens - use proven predictive models.


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Learn about the latest trends in data management

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Learn about the latest trends in data management

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Why Rawcubes?

We actually care about solving your data challenges. With us, you not only get our world-class products and analytical models, but you also get access to our team of data scientists and engineers in case you need expert advice or just bounce around an idea or two.

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