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Lack of Insightful data preventing you from running successful campaigns? Uncover the intelligence and learn what your customer wants!

Get a 360-degree view of the business operations through a single, end-to-end analysis using our proprietary product- DataBlaze

Empower your data experts with data strategies models. No need to write codes, no human errors

Insurance underwriter

Leverage pre-built ML models to aid insurers in accurately evaluating and managing property risk

How does Rawcubes elevate your business?
management process
3X times faster Data Management Process

No time-consuming complex strategies to be built. Data Analysts work on pre-built strategies

reduce time
Reduce time to market 2/3rd for pre-built analytics solutions

Empower your Data Scientists by automating the task of extracting terms and relationships.
Bonus? You do not miss hidden actionable insights

greater cloud
Greater flexibility to use
native cloud services

Multi-cloud services
combined with automation!

How Rawcubes Drives Data Performance

Faster, Easier, Automated Discovery Of Insights

Rawcubes helps businesses utilize their data by leveraging our data platforms, pre-built domain knowledge graph, and analytical models to enable better business insights.

Make crucial decision with all the information at hand

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Rawcubes provides world-class data management software, business analytical models, and access to a team of data scientists and data engineers if you need expert advice or just to bounce around an idea or two