Enterprise Data Management Software

Without writing a single line of code; ingest, prepare, then build your data insights to output any way you choose. Our intuitive Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Drag + Drop features makes data management so easy a child can do it, saving you months and millions.

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Get to the insights you need to drive your business by solving data management challenges at every step of your data’s journey.

Ingest Your Data

Consolidate all your data across any and all environments without writing a single line of code, saving you time and money, giving you an unparalleled view of all your data.

Migrate your data from any on-premise environment to any cloud environment in half the time of traditional methods, saving you months and millions.

Build Intelligence On Your Data

We have incorporated our proprietary ML and AI driven Knowledge Graph to automatically build terms and relationships which enhances the intelligence of your data.

We have integrated Natural Language Processing (NLP) for data scientists or business users to create data sets without the dependency on IT.

Prep Your Data

Build your data strategies with pre-determined layouts.

Prep your data “so easy a child could do it” because there is not a single line of code needed and drag + drop features, eliminating any human errors.

Output & Consumption

Interactive Business Intelligence to create insights (reports and dashboards)

Integrate to an existing data warehouse or build a new data warehouse

AI to automate data science tools

Export datasets in any format

Features & Benefits

Allows your data engineers to be 10x more productive and accurate.

On-premise and/or cloud agnostic featuring multiple run-time environments giving you more flexibility, speed, and scalability.

Get the answers to your data questions in real-time so you can derive the insights you need immediately.


A Modern, Self-Service Data Platform with Built-In Domain Intelligence to Prepare Your Data for Analytics
DataBlaze eliminates the need to manually write code to prepare data so you can focus on deriving insights.
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Configuration Driven Platform to Manage Data Assets to and on Azure Cloud
CloudBlaze brings 4x performance improvement and over 60% effort saving when migrating to Azure Cloud.
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Connect to Over 80 Data Sources in Seconds

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Customer 360

Establish More Meaningful Connections with Your Customers

Customer 360.Next offers a unified customer platform capturing the entire journey of a customer.

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Fraud Analytics

Algorithmic Way to Detect Worker’s Compensation Claims Fraud

Detect, prevent, and manage fraud for the insurance industry through statistical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques.

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Industry 4.0

Automate and Integrate Your Business Processes for Enhanced Productivity

Order 360 helps you streamline your manufacturing processes through real time data for optimal output and efficiency.

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Risk Engineering

Intelligently Evaluate and Manage Property Risk

Evaluate and manage catastrophe property risk with great level of accuracy using machine learning and catastrophe modeling customed just for your organization.

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Smart Homes


Keep all your smart appliances synchronized and enhance the quality of your daily living via a user-friendly application.

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